All events are listed in chronological order. For more information, please contact the organizers.


Kick-off Webinar & First Consortium Meeting

September 2023

First Internal Research Stay with focus on Tools & Workflows (IRS-1)

29 January - 02 February 2024

First Workshop & Second Consortium Meeting (WS-1)

April 2024

Second Workshop & Third Consortium Meeting (WS-2)

September 2024

First International Conference on Transnational Media History & Second Internal Research Stay on Co-design (CN-1+IRS2)

January 2025

Third Workshop on Sustainability, Standards and Infrastructure (WS-3)

June 2025

Fourth Workshop on Interface Design (WS-4)

October 2025

Third Internal Research Stay with focus on Co-design (IRS-3)

January 2026

First International Conference on Influences in Media Ecosystems & 4. Consortium Meeting (CN-2+WS-5)

May 2026

Internal Research Stay – Project Documentation (IRS-4)

July 2026

Webinar for Interface Design (WB-2)

August 2026

International Conference on Digital Media History & 5th Consortium Meeting (CN-3+WS-6)

December 2026